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I'm a NYC based DP and Director. CV OVERVIEW: AGENCIES WORKED WITH:: Ogvily, W+K, KBS+, MRY, JWT, Draft FCB, Publicis, GREY, Hudson Rouge, TOASTER, The Great Society, Resource/Ammirati, Draft FCB BRANDS WORKED WITH: Coke Zero, Macy's, EBay, Starbucks, Apple, Lincoln, BMW, ETSY, Red Wing Shoe Company, The New Yorker, GILT. COUNTRIES WORKED IN: Bolivia, Haiti, South Africa, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, France, UK, Germany, Costa Rica, Panama, Kenya, India, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: A carnet and a U.S. CBP FORM 4455 VIMEO STAFF PICKS: SIX LOVES: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Camping, Coffee, Travel. CARRIES: Production insurance including; General Liability & NYS Workers Comp.

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