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Being a photographer allows me to step into the middle of someone’s life, typically in the middle of an important moment, and capture what I see. We go from being perfect strangers to being up close and personal very quickly, and I love it! My life mission is to empower people to be who they were created to be, especially in the area of creativity. I am passionate about helping people express their true selves and see themselves as the powerful, incredible people that they are right now.

Since getting to know you typically starts before we meet in person, I figured I’d start you off with a few fun facts about me. I love to laugh and I really love to make other people laugh. I talk in weird accents, especially British, Southern, and Jewish Grandma. I like ice cream, if you couldn’t tell already – my current favorites are People’s Pops and Brooklyn Bell’s The Local. I really love getting things in the mail, the real kind. I’m a quality time person, ENFJ though almost all my close friends are introverts. I love getting coffee (or tea) with friends, being outside, and exploring. I document my life in Brooklyn, NYC on Instagram. I really enjoy doing NYC things like going to the Brooklyn Flea, paying too much money for food truck goodies, secretly photographing interesting strangers, and admiring the gorgeous architecture. Vintage cameras are my Kryptonite.

I believe that everyone is creative and to that end I teach creativity classes and co-write a blog called Bright Ideas (we’re also finishing up a book!). Creative community and collaboration are near and dear to my heart - reach out if you have any ideas or projects in mind! I try to keep my fingers in a constant state of callus from playing my guitar, singing, and writing music. I'm about to release my first EP of my own music!

Living in New York City I miss driving down back roads in the summer with the windows down and seeing big sky so I travel back to Colorado or down to the Carolinas often to get my fix. I’m always up for an adventure! Let’s go on one together!

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