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As a video editor I have a strong skill set. Through-out my career I have created detailed and innovative sound design. I enjoy and excel at editing down music tracks creating musical drop outs and moving beats or musical moments to fit a cut. I am experienced at directing voice over talent to get the perfect take on a VO. I have consistently created final mixes that are sent straight out to broadcast.

Last minute color correction, cutting out mattes and tracking shots. I have finished numerous spots to Broadcast Safety standards and I am adapt at creating color corrected “looks” to fix shots or create a “style”.

Creating titles with or with out motion in after effects or any offline editing software. I have a sculpted sense of design and work well in collaborative environments.

In a pinch I can do just about anything related to the multiple dimensions of video editing. I have a great appreciation of mood and pacing and a great eye for the moving image.

What differentiates me is my experience (which has been specifically focused on promo’s), Beyond a skill-set is my general existence… I can fulfill a collaborators needs. I put the work first but do not take myself too seriously. I handle interactions well and get the work done. I have a long history of being the calm in the storm, and providing focus and detail; being the resource that all Producers and Creatives love to work with. My goal - to make them look good and make their

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