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I am an independent film producer and documentary filmmaker. My career started in producing commercial photography, mostly architectural photography in hospitality and real estate settings. I was the photographer and co-author of a New York Times reviewed fish cookbook/memoir, and then made a few music videos before producing my first indie feature film. I am the producer and director of the indie feature documentary "This Land, Our Voices," shot entirely on 16mm film. Sometimes I produce TV documentaries to pay the bills and support my family.

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Kevin is an established indie producer that's able to work with minimal budgets and workhorse gear, but he's also the kind of producer who can get a technocrane on the streets of midtown Manhattan during rush hour with the proper permits and NYPD assistance. He can do anything, do it responsibly, and do it exceedingly well. He will take care of your gear!

October 2022

Pragmatic, organized, meticulous. I've never met anyone quite like Mr. Bay. A delight to work with, Kevin exhibits a childlike-wonder to his craft and has helped me appreciate that which is often neglected. To see the unseeable. From photos of dumped Chinese food to a traffic cone made of clay, it's always something with this guy. I don't have the luck to work on every project with KB, but I can't wait for the next one.

*he's also very responsible with expensive camera gear.

October 2022