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Alan advises people about elevator installation platforms, tower maintenance platform, lifting equipments, window cleaning gondola & suspended working platform etc. The suspended rope platform or Suspended Platforms are considered to be such a technology that is widely used by the contractors. This results in the reduction of time along with the cost of construction. So, these safety platforms are high efficiency and a recent times equipment that is capable of changing a traditional scaffold which is again being reused. Again, the suspended scaffolding can be sorted into two types such as electric and manual. It is broadly used to the curtain wall installation, outer wall construction along with outer wall cleaning and maintenance.

Suspended scaffold equipment or suspended access equipment specifically permits access to the sides of a façade or building for all kinds of requirements. Often, these work access platforms are often used at the time of the construction phase. The lightweight access platforms are also used for the purpose of installation of windows brickwork, painting, exterior services and refurnishing etc. Some of the times, these are also used for any kinds of maintenance task on offshore platforms, large wind turbines or cooling panels of power stations.

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