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Mobile app testing, as the name suggests, is the procedure of reviewing an Android or iOS mobile app for usability and functionality even before to its general release. Mobile app testing enables users to confirm whether an app satisfies the expected business and technical requirements. Teams must test apps across a range of screen resolutions, operating system repetitions, and network data rates in order to conduct successful mobile app testing. When the app is made available to the general public, this helps to ensure flawless performance across a variety of device configurations.
Benefits of mobile app testing-
Installation: The end user's very first step is to download and install the application. The installation process must go off without a moments hesitation. The mobile app should be tested to make sure it installs successfully on all mobile devices.

Uninstallation: Although uninstallation is not a part of the developer's or company's desired business model, it is crucial to provide a smooth uninstallation process that is error-free.

Network test cases: The majority of mobile apps will operate in real-world situations using network connections like 2/3/4G rather than wireless broadband. There may be times when network connectivity is interrupted or limited. Instead of loading endlessly, the app must display a relevant error message to the user, such as “Network not connected.
One of the most well-known names in software testing and quality assurance services, Appsierra provides top-notch services for testing mobile applications. Being one of the original QA companies, we have shaped out a special place for ourselves in the mobile testing industry. Experienced test architects and engineers who are highly skilled and certified to provide mobile testing services make up our "Mobile Centre of Excellence."
Appsierra's mobile app testing services give clients access to a wide range of testing tools, services, and facilities while making sure they can easily get all the help they need with mobile testing.

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