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My name is Mike Baez, I am an actor filmmaker, writer and DP, I’m also doing aerial videography at the moment. I went to William Esper school for a summer intensive 3 years ago and fell in love with the technique, not just the technique but the art in itself. I’ve always been a pretty sensitive guy and realized during training how important your vulnerabilities are when acting. I have been cast in various comedies, commercials, shorts and just last year I acted in 4 Feature films, One of which was mine. I wrote, shot and directed a Feature Film called Stiffed, about a waiter that robs people that don’t tip. It’s a dark comedy based on actual dream sequences in my life, like many New Yorkers, I have waited tables for over 7 years and wrote about my experiences as a server. This movie was also funded by Italian Distributors so It will have Distribution in Italy. I also acted in Lloyd Kaufman’s Return to Nuke ‘em High Vol. 1 and 2, which is coming out soon, this is also a Starz movie so it will most likely make it to Netflix or the Starz channel soon. I have also performed standup comedy for 3 years roughly at the Comic Strip Live and studied under DF Sweedler. At the moment I am currently in pre production of Stiffed, I am co-writing a Zombie Comedy with, I am Producing Music videos with and editing Stiffed and am the Director of Photography for a feature called I want Candy by . I also have a small aerial videography business where I appeal to short films and music videos and provide aerial videography. Some people think I spread myself thin but I personally like all aspects of Showbiz so I don’t feel that way at all. I have much time now to audition and feel I am ready in my career for full time acting work, I am looking for representation and feel that I would be the perfect candidate for a certain type, If you would like to talk further about representing me, please let me know. My email is briggsbaez@gmail.com and my phone number is 646 982 3980.

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Sony A6300 w kit lens.

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