DJI Ronin FULL SIZED Fitted w/ Arm Extensions

Includes: 3 Hex Keys designed for Ronin, 2 Handlebar clamps for Ronin, Camera plate for Ronin



  • 3 Hex Keys designed for Ronin
  • 2 Handlebar clamps for Ronin
  • Camera plate for Ronin
  • Additional Screws and small parts for Ronin


Includes full Ronin Package.
Full Sized Ronin camera gimbal
Fitted with extensions for slightly larger cameras
Battery x1
charger x1
Remote controller for 2nd hand operator X1
Original packaging (DJI Pelican Case) to make carrying and storing the Ronin easy and simple.

Shooting professionally stabilized video has never been simpler and the Ronin offers a way to get Steadicam quality shots for a fraction of the budget. This rig works for cameras up to 16 pounds, and sports three different modes of arranging the rig for maximum maneuverablility. And for those really tough shots, there's always the option of adding a second operator on the blue tooth controlled remote.

Owner Notes:
Has been field tested and is an excellent way to stabilize your shots! Great for filmmakers!