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NYC Cinematographer.

Being from Brooklyn has left an indelible mark on Jamal's cinematography --

"Finding the beauty in that visceral environment and how the two interacted with each other was always fascinating to me. Even at a young age, when I didn't understand art, [I knew] THIS was ART."

Jamal has been working in the industry for 5 years in New York City, as well as internationally. Shooting short films, feature length movies, as well as artistic videos for brands and artists has brought him the insight of understanding the needs of all types of stories and genres. In 2014, he won the Zeiss Precision Image Award; and recently, his contibution behind the camera on the short film Flowers, allowed for the film to win Best Short at the American Black Film Festival. It is now slated screen on HBO until the summer of 2017. For him, these momentous achievements cemented the belief that improvement is key and should be utilized in strengthening each and every frame.


"The study and story of light – and its touch on each tale – is what consistently drives me to practice this artform time and time again. It is a true passion of mine. Understanding the way it can evocatively lend itself to each moment and mold it into an experience, I believe, is worth studying."

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RED 8K Camera Package

Includes: DSMC2 4.7" LCD Touch, DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander, PL Mount



  • DSMC2 4.7" LCD Touch
  • DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander
  • PL Mount
  • EF Mount
  • OLPF System 3 Pack (w/ Low Light Optimzed, Skin Tone - Highlight, Standard OLPFs)
  • 2 - 128 GB RED MINIMAG
  • Red Station Minimag 1.8"
  • Wooden Camera Easy Top Plate
  • Wooden Camera A-Box
  • 3 - Anton Bauer CINE 150 V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Anton Bauer Performance Dual V-Mount Battery Charger
  • Small HD 702 On-Board Monitor
  • 2 - NoGa Arm
  • O’Connor "O-Box" Matte Box w/ side flag set and top flag (eyebrow)
  • 2 - Wooden Camera 19mm Rod (12”)
  • Wooden Camera 2060/2575/120EX Dovetail (12")
  • Wooden Camera Bridgeplate (19mm)
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Reviews (5)

Average 5.0 Stars

Took great care of gear!

Great renter, always welcome to borrow gear any time.

Another great experience working with Jamal! Very pleased to see the tools put to use by great dp.

Pleasure working with Jamal. Excellent communicating and coordinating with, and making great stuff with the kit!

Pleasure working with Jamal. Excellent communicating and coordinating with, and making great stuff with the kit!


Firecrest NDs 4x5.65" (.3 - 1.8)

January 2018