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KitSplit is making gear rentals more enjoyable and affordable for a huge community of artists and filmmakers. Called “the Airbnb of cameras” by Forbes , No Film School , and Fast Company , our community marketplace connects creative professionals with owners of top notch equipment, including production companies, individuals, and rental houses.

KitSplit saves time and money with a streamlined rental process. Renters can search across thousands of vendors at once, buy shoot insurance on the spot, and order on-demand delivery and pickup. Equipment owners can safely make money renting gear out to vetted and fully insured professionals.

”Selection is amazing. Prices are incredible. Customer service is spot on; attentive and personable...This site has thought of everything!”

Laura Wald
Founder of Freewood Films

Our Vision

We are building towards a world in which every visual creator can pursue their vision and tell their story, regardless of budget, background, or location. Our mission is to empower creators and help them bring their projects to life. And we're dedicated to bringing people together through a streamlined, enjoyable rental experience that makes the creative process easier and more accessible. Read about our values.

Join the KitSplit Community

Thousands of filmmakers and studios are using KitSplit, including some of the world's most forward-thinking production companies and media companies like NBC, National Geographic, Hearst, Troma, and more. With hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment on the site, including cameras, lights, lenses, and hightech VR/AR gear, we are reinventing the visual content creation process. And we're just getting started!

We’re proud to have the support of amazing membership organizations like the Producers Guild of America , Fractured Atlas , New York Women in TV & Film, and Storycode. We like throwing IRL events to bring the community together, and have been hosted by awesome spaces like YouTube Space NY, Lincoln Center Film Society, and IFP’s Made in NY Media Center.

And we’re continually blown away by our members, who are some of the most creative and forward-thinking minds in the business! We love featuring them and their work. Check out some of our favorite projects #MadeWithKitSplit and read about our members on the blog.

Questions, comments, or feedback about the gear rental process? We love hearing from you—get in touch.

Some of our awesome partners and members:

Meet the Team

KitSplit is a team of filmmakers, photographers, and artists who are passionate about democratizing the filmmaking process and supporting the creative community. We had trouble getting access to equipment, and built KitSplit to create a product that we could use ourselves.

Lisbeth Kaufman
Photographer & Producer

Kristina Budelis
Visual Storyteller

Ken Amarit

Danny Lunden
Community Manager
GIF Expert

Daniel Gurzi
Director of Business Development
Father & Musician

Liz Cheng
Full Stack Engineer
Aspiring Photographer

Rhyan Taylor
Concierge Agent
Amateur Ufologist

Lizzie Azran
Curious Traveler

Josh Lee
Product Designer
Aspiring Viral Tweeter

Chris Bradley
Equipment Expert
Screenwriter & Camera Op

Yana Karin
Rental Agent
Video Producer

Brett Thompson
Systems Reliability Engineer
Animator & Mural Artist

Colin Weatherby
LA Community Manager
Street Taco Enthusiast

Jonathan Rivera
Rental Agent
Resident Geek

Allyson Pinon
Rental Agent

Lauren Hall
Rental Agent
Camera Nerd



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