KitSplit's Vision & Mission

We are building a world in which every visual creator has access to the resources they need to pursue their vision and tell their story, regardless of budget, background, or location.

Everyone has something to say and deserves to have their story heard.

KitSplit’s Core Values

Support and Empower

We believe the the right tools bring power. So everything we do is focused on enabling storytellers by bringing them the right tools, resources, and education.

Be Inclusive

We seek to create a workplace and community where everyone feels welcome and all voices are heard. We value and promote the diversity in our workforce, our community, and beyond.

Take Action

We seek to continuously learn, keep an ear to the ground, and both listen to and start new trends. We don’t fear change, and we are always ready to take action.

Create and Be Weird

We believe creativity makes the world a more interesting and fun place. We aren’t afraid of obstacles and constraints - they make us more agile and able to invent new things and look for new approaches.

Trust and Be Trustworthy

KitSplit relationships are built on openness, integrity, honesty and an eagerness to help one another. This enables trust.

Take Ownership

We take responsibility for our actions and think on behalf of the larger team and community. We think about resources as if they were our own, and are always on the lookout for better ways to serve members.