KitSplit Rental Insurance Policies

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Accidents happen, but on KitSplit we make it easy to protect your gear whether you’re a renter or an owner. Owners: rest assured that we require renters to purchase insurance, a damage waiver, or leave a full deposit. Renters: you have the choice of three kinds of coverage:

  1. Buy Instant Short-Term Rental Insurance or Damage Coverage KitSplit renters can purchase insurance at checkout and get an instant quote and instant coverage for any rental on KitSplit. Read more about KitSplit Short-Term Insurance here.

  2. Use Your Long-term Equipment Insurance Kitsplit renters are welcome to use their own long-term equipment policy to cover rentals on KitSplit. All you need to do is make sure your policy is current and eligible to cover the rental. Then upload a Certificate of Insurance (COI) that lists the equipment owner and KitSplit as the loss payee and certificate holder. The KitSplit team will call your insurance company to verify that insurance is valid and properly covers the equipment you’re renting.

    NOTE: KitSplit can only verify COI’s Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you choose to use your company’s long-term equipment insurance, please be sure to upload your COI Monday-Friday before 4pm at least one business day before your rental begins.

  3. Leave a Deposit for the full Value of the Equipment For rentals shorter than 5 days in duration, KitSplit renters can choose to leave a deposit for the value of the equipment in the form of a credit card hold. Unfortunately, this option is not available for rentals longer than 5 days in duration.

    NOTE: If your credit card limit is lower than the value of the equipment this will not be a viable option.

Are you an owner wondering about insurance? Rest assured that all of your rentals on KitSplit will be covered by one of the above three options. These are at no cost to you. And they save you time: if a renter submits their own policy, KitSplit verifies it for you, so you’ll never have to do paperwork or call insurance companies. Please note, however, that the insurance accepted on KitSplit is industry standard equipment rental insurance and does not cover some rare instances, such as if a renter commits fraud. These instances are extremely rare on KitSplit and happen less than 0.1% of the time, but we recommend that owners get their own annual policy with voluntary parting coverage in addition to the insurance provided by the renter. Email to get an annual policy from Athos Insurance, and tell them we sent you!

Questions about any of these options? Check out our FAQ.

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