KitSplit Instant Insurance

KitSplit Instant Insurance brings you full rented equipment coverage at the lowest rates in the industry. Premiums are 40% less than the next best option Coverage options are quick and easy to purchase and offer instant protection with no paperwork.

Still deciding what coverage option is best for you? Check out our overview of all of the options available to you on KitSplit.

Overview of How It Works

Rentals of equipment worth $20,000 or less are covered by damage coverage. Here is how it works:
  • At checkout, the renter submits information through a form request and instantly purchases short-term damage coverage.
  • In the event of an incident, claims are submitted to and processed by KitSplit here. The renter will be charged up to the amount of the deductible and KitSplit will pay for the repair, reimbursement, or replacement of the equipment.

Rentals of equipment worth $20,001 or more, are covered by KitSplit Instant Insurance, which is handled by our insurance partner Heffins Insurance Group and OneBeacon. Developed exclusively for the KitSplit Community, it offers the best rates in the industry. Here is how it works:
  • At checkout the renter submits information through a form request and instantly purchases the short-term insurance
  • The renter gets a quote instantly. Heffins Insurance Group reviews and processes the renter’s details and insurance application instantly.
  • The renter and the owner will receive a certificate of insurance from Heffins Insurance Group by email 24 hours before the rental begins.
  • In the event of an incident, claims are submitted to Heffins Insurance Group here via the Insuremyequipment dashboard (a subsidiary of Heffins Insurance Group). Renters will receive a dashboard login by email. The renter is required to pay out the deductible directly to the owner and the insurance provider will pay for the repair, reimbursement, or replacement of the equipment beyond the deductible.

Read more about Heffins Insurance at the following links:
KitSplit Instant Insurance and Damage Coverage Pricing

Premium pricing depends on the value of the equipment and the length of the rental. Deductibles vary depending on the options the renter chooses.

The below chart can give you a sense of the range of premiums and deductibles for the rentals of equipment at various values.

Equipment Value Minimum Premium Minimum Deductible
$10 - $5000 $5 $500
$5001 - $20,000 $50 $500
$20,001+ $150 $1000
KitSplit Instant Insurance Explanation of Coverage and Exclusions

The Policy Holder: KitSplit renters purchase the policy and are named the policy holder.
The Loss Payee: KitSplit owners are the loss payee, and receive payment directly from the insurance policy in the event of a claim.
Certificate Holder: KitSplit is a certificate holder to help facilitate transactions.
Property coverage: Rentals of most equipment listed on KitSplit except the items listed below under property exclusion.
Coverage territory: Property will be covered anywhere in the world except any country or jurisdiction against which the United States Government has imposed trade sanction, embargo, or similar regulation that prohibits the transaction of business with or within that country or jurisdiction.
Occurrence coverage: Risks of direct physical loss or damage except those listed below under occurrence exclusion.
Property exclusion: Drones, underwater equipment, specialty/one of a kind, lighting bulbs or any expendables.
Exclusion territory: any country or jurisdiction against which the United States Government has imposed trade sanction, embargo, or similar regulation that prohibits the transaction of business with or within that country or jurisdiction.

Occurrence exclusion: Voluntary parting or fraud, damage in transit (during delivery or shipping), personal injury, job/income loss, business interruption, conversion, embezzlement or secretion, disappearance, dishonest or criminal acts, electrical damage, faulty workmanship, government action, intentional acts, mechanical breakdown or failure, nuclear activity, pollution, rain, sleet, snow, or hail, war, wear, tear, deterioration, or animals (more details in KitSplit's broker partner(s) policy that you will receive by email). IN NO EVENT WILL KITSPLIT BE LIABLE FOR, AND NO COVERAGE UNDER THIS POLICY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES.

NOTE: SHORT-TERM INSURANCE PURCHASED BY THE RENTER DOES NOT COVER VOLUNTARY PARTING OR FRAUD. We strongly recommend that owners purchase voluntary parting coverage and opt-in to the KitSplit Owner Guarantee.

When Renters Purchase KitSplit Instant Insurance They Must Agree to the Following:

  1. I verify that the rented equipment I am applying for is at least 51% production equipment
  2. I understand and agree that Production Equipment includes:
    Cameras, camera equipment, sound, lighting and grip equipment, communications equipment, portable electric equipment, editing and projection equipment, office personal property, generators, mechanical effects equipment, props, sets, wardrobes and similar personal property and related production equipment.
  3. I understand that the following are excluded and will not be covered under this insurance program:
    General Liability, Professional Liability, Auto Liability, Auto Property Coverage, Buildings, including improvements made to your building; Aircraft, Watercraft, Motorcycles, and all motor vehicles (including automobiles); Jewelry (including Costume jewelry, i.e. jewelry not comprised of previous or semi-precious stones and/or metals), Gold, Silver, Platinum or other Precious Metals, Furs, Accounts, Bills, Deeds, Currency, Evidences of Debt, Letters or Credit, and Passports, Documents, Money, Notes, Securities, Credit Cards, and Tickets purchased for Travel; Animals or growing plants; Any Exposed, Unexposed, Developed Film and/or tape; Valuable Papers and Records
  4. I understand that coverage for drone, RC helicopter, gyrocopter, and other remote-controlled aerial devices is limited to while devices are not in operation.
  5. I verify that the applicant I am applying for has an official United States mailing address.
  6. I verify that the policyholder I am applying for is NOT primarily in the business to lease and/or rent out equipment to the sole custody of others (ie. Similar to a Rental House). “Primarily” means majority or over 25% of the policyholder’s business operations.
  7. I confirm that I currently do not have a quote or active policy for production equipment insurance from Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company
  8. I understand that I will select a minimum deductible for any claim arising for theft from any vehicle of $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000.
  9. I understand that there is an exclusion for theft from an unlocked vehicle if I do not purchase unlocked vehicle coverage.
  10. I understand that coverage is based on a replacement cost basis. In the event of a claim, the insurance carrier will reimburse me for today’s cost to replace each item. The most that can be reimbursed is the limit I choose for my policy.
  11. I understand that my Rented Production Equipment Replacement Cost is the maximum amount of equipment I rent from others at ANY ONE time. If I rent from two places or individuals at the same time, the total value of equipment from both places or people should not exceed the Rented Production Equipment Replacement Cost.

How KitSplit Short-Term Insurance and Damage Coverage Works: Step-by-Step

  1. Request: Renter selects gear on KitSplit, enters payment method and chooses to purchase KitSplit Instant Insurance for equipment worth more than $10k or damage coverage for equipment worth less than $10K.
  2. Acceptance: Owner accepts the rental request.
  3. Adding Additional Rentals to a Policy: You are welcome to rent multiple items from multiple owners on a single insurance policy. Once you purchase KitSplit Instant Insurance our system will keep track of your insurance coverage limits and dates. This means that if you add additional equipment to your rental we can update your policy. Please note that any changes to a policy within 24 hours of a rental may incur additional fees.
  4. Charge: Once the owner accepts the rental request the renters’ card is charged and if the renter chose KitSplit Instant Insurance or damage coverage, a hold is potentially placed on the credit card for the value of the deductible.
  5. Policy Documents and the Certificate of Insurance: 24 hours before the rental begins the renter will receive Policy Document and the owner will receive a Certificate of Insurance. Both will be emailed from a subsidiary of Heffins Insurance Group.
  6. Pickup & Inspection: Upon pickup of the gear, the renter and the owner must inspect all items to ensure that they are in good working order. By accepting the equipment and taking it in his or her custody, the renter accepts terms of rental agreement and that the renter has received the gear in good condition. If the renter finds that the equipment they received is NOT in good condition they must report the discrepancy to the owner and to KitSplit within two hours of picking up the equipment.
  7. Claims:
    Claims for damage to equipment worth $10,000 or less must be appropriately documented and reported to KitSplit within four hours of discovery. Undue delay will disqualify any claims from coverage. Report claims by filling out the form here. If you have questions you can also call (917) 722-6792 or email

    Claims for damage to equipment worth $10,001 or more must be appropriately documented and reported to Heffins Insurance Group via the dashboard for, a subsidiary of Heffins Insurance Group here.

    Timing of Claims: Claims reported within two (2) hours following Pickup & Inspection are presumptively the responsibility of the owner for which no coverage will be available. In such events the renter may return the gear for a full refund and the owner will forfeit the rental payment.

    Claims reported after two (2) hours following pickup & inspection are presumptively the responsibility of the renter for which the renter’s deposit and deductible will be charged and claims payout will be made to the owner.
  8. Assessment and Verification: In the event of a dispute concerning responsibility for any claim or the amount thereof, KitSplit, Heffins Insurance Group and OneBeacon will together in good faith evaluate available information and attempt to allocate responsibility and proceed accordingly. KitSplit, Heffins Insurance Group and OneBeacon take fraud very seriously; any suspicion of fraud will be reported to the authorities. Determinations will be final and will be based on KitSplit’s Terms of Service along with the respective terms of service and policies of Heffins Insurance Group.