Trust and Safety on KitSplit

The Creative Community Built on Trust

We built KitSplit to provide creators with a better way to rent gear online. Trust and safety are central to that. We’ve designed the platform to promote transparency and support trustworthy members and high quality gear. We are constantly updating and improving our system, with the most cutting edge tools and techniques.
  • Member Vetting

    We vet all transacting members with a proprietary 40-point risk assessment. Our system verifies identity, reputation, and payments among other things. It combines automated tools harnessing a vast network of data on fraud prevention, along with the human review. Each member gets reviewed by our team. We don’t just vet the renter once, we vet them every time they rent.

  • Insurance & Coverage

    Accidents happen, but on KitSplit you are always covered for damage, loss, and theft from the renter. We offer various instant insurance and coverage options at the best rates in the industry. Read more about coverage options here. Get all details on what is and is not covered here.

  • KitSplit Owner Guarantee

    All gear owners are protected from theft and fraud (voluntary parting) on all rentals of gear worth up to $20,000 - at no additional cost. It’s free for every rental under $20,000, every time.

  • Reputation & Transparency

    Every member has a profile where they can build their creative reputation. The community encourages members to post a photo, professional information, social links, websites, and sample works. Members can build their community by following each other and giving references. To ensure transparency, members rate and review each other after each rental.

  • Contract & Secure Payments

    On KitSplit you'll never have to do paperwork, but you'll always have the clarity of contracts and secure payments. We provide a contract embedded in our terms of use to avoid confusion and disputes. Our secure payment processing and invoicing requires no paperwork, and happen automatically 24/7. You’ll never have to hunt down payments or worry about bounced checks.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Our system monitors activity on the platform to prevent fraud before it happens. The proprietary fraud prevention system uses machine learning as well as human review to track and stop any unusual or suspect behavior on KitSplit. In addition, you are always in control. You have the tools and information you need to decide who to rent to/from and when.

  • Member Support 7 Days a Week

    Our member support team is made up of knowledgeable camera operators and content creators. They are available 7 days a week to answer questions, advise on gear, track down hard to find items, or resolve any issues. On the rare occasion that something does go wrong, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime by emailing

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