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Artist at Eduporium. "What's an Eduporium?" You ask. Read on... ^_^

Eduporium is a place for students, families and faculty to learn about technology, get answers to tech questions and shop for academically discounted software and hardware.

We started Eduporium with the belief that technology can truly, effectively help children learn and grow. No, we’re not encouraging children to spend more time texting or taking selfies on their smartphones—we’re talking about productive, meaningful technology that can unlock their imagination and engage their problem-solving skills. We’re talking about using open-source microcontrollers to help children learn to program, or challenging kids to design and create their own toys through 3D printers. The possibilities are boundless—we have the technology today to really make a positive impact on our children and push them toward a successful future.

Unfortunately, for every piece of great educational technology, there are just as many flops. How do we sift through the irrelevant or, frankly, harmful technologies to find ones that are actually beneficial? And when we do find something exceptional, how do we make sure that all children have access to it?

Here at Eduporium, we work closely with the most important people in our children’s lives, such as parents, teachers, and school administrators, to bring good technology into the hands of every child. We hand-pick great products and collaborate with schools to offer them to parents and faculty at a discounted price. We introduce teachers to innovative apps that can supplement their curriculum. If there is something new and exciting in educational technology, you bet we’re trying our hardest to make sure that it’s accessible.

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Khat was a great renter. He was easy and pleasant to communicate with and to meet. I highly recommend.


Oculus Rift DK2

June 2016