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I work in higher education - Production Manager, Global Campus: Produce video content for the University of Arkansas Global Campus, in the Instructional Design and Support Services unit. The IDSS Media Production staff produces videos for online courses, MOOCs, distance learning products and promotional videos. The unit includes dedicated staff and equipment for video production/post-production, graphics and animation. Media Production also has an in-house intern "incubator" program, helping prepare U of A students and recent graduates for careers in motion graphics, animation, production and post-production. I also own an independent production company - Katrosh Film Company, Inc.: Katrosh Film Company, Inc., provides comprehensive film and video production and post-production services to a wide variety of clients. With 30 years of production experience, Katrosh bundles equipment, personnel and producer services specifically for each project, without the overhead costs typically associated with a large production company. Katrosh Film Company specializes in translating content knowledge into video content that creates an emotional connection with a target audience by utilizing the most contemporary approaches to filmmaking, drawing on extensive experience working on feature films, documentaries, commercials, museum installations and online instruction.

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