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Milica Zec is a New York City-based film and virtual reality director, editor, and screenwriter. Her directorial debut in the virtual reality medium was a short narrative piece called, “Giant,” which premiered at Sundance Film Festival New Frontier 2016. “Giant” is a virtual reality experience based on true events, that transports the viewer into the experience of a family struggling to survive in an active war zone. Since its premiere, “Giant” has been lauded as a seminal expression of the potential of virtual reality as a storytelling vehicle, and has been featured in numerous press outlets as one of the top VR experiences at Sundance 2016. Highlights of Milica’s directorial and writing work include the short film, “Marina Abramovic Presents MACCOC” (Venice Biennale 2011), “Christina” (Cannes Film Festival 2012), and a music video for the Antony and the Johnsons song, "Christina's Farm".

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