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Laowa OOOM 25-100mm Cine Zoom Lens

Includes: Laowa 1.4x Full Frame PL to PL Expander, 114mm Step Up Ring



  • Laowa 1.4x Full Frame PL to PL Expander
  • 114mm Step Up Ring


Available in PL, EF, or E Mount. Please note desired mount when checking out.

Comprehensive 4x zoom range
A versatile, all-in-one lens. From ultra wide to telephoto, from narrative to documentary, from one-man-band to a film crew, the OOOM is designed for any types of gigs.

Super35+ coverage
A bigger Super35 design allows it to be used with no vignetting on 4k UHD on Alexa Mini and 8k HD on Red Helium / 5k HD on Red Gemini. The coverage can even be expanded to FF by using our 1.4x expander.

Parfocal design
The focus remains the same no matter zoom in or out. Your subject will remain sharp and in focus.

Extremely low focus breathing
Unlike rehoused cinema zoom lenses in the market with serious focus breathing, our lens was designed for cinematography in the first place and the breathing is control to the minimal in its class. Your composition will remain the same when changing the focus.

Constant T2.9 with super close focus distance
The large constant T2.9 allows you to shot in low light situation through-out the whole zoom range. The lens can focus as close as 60cm (-2 feet) which give you more opportunities for a creative shot.

The Look
We are trying to deliver a zoom lens which blends in the characters of both modern and vintage optics and therefore we have spent the last 3 years fine-tuning the lens to be THE lens we want. The OOOM is designed to offer a beautiful vintage look in its color and bokeh. The image is not overly contrasty nor flat but with good sharpness found in modern lens. It also renders a natural healthy skin tone and silky smooth transition.

Full Frame Compatible via 1.4x Expander
A 1.4X FF Expander is carefully designed to match with the OOOM with no degradation on image quality. A quick switch button on the lens allows easy conversion of focal length scale.

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RED DSMC Epic Dragon 6K + Accessories

Includes: RED Mini Mag SSD 512GB, RED Mini Mag SSD 120GB, RED Station Mini-Mag USB 3.1E



  • RED Mini Mag SSD 512GB
  • RED Mini Mag SSD 120GB
  • RED Station Mini-Mag USB 3.1E
  • RED Bomb EVF
  • RED touch screen 4.7" LCD
  • A-box
  • RED Side Handle
  • RED Mote
  • INDIPRO Micro V Mount Batteries x2
  • INDIPRO Dual Charger
  • Manfrotto 504HD Tripod


Nearly everything you need in a camera kit (please see included accessories--*lens and calibrated field reference monitor not included)

Available in PL or EF Mount

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