Canon XLH1S 3-CCD High Definition MiniDV Camcorder

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The Canon XL H1S is a High Definition Camcorder. It has all the features that have made the XL Series a favorite of independent filmmakers, corporate and event shooters, in addition to broadcast and ne

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XLH1S 3-CCD High Definition MiniDV Camcorder
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Equipment Replacement Value: $1,000

The Canon XL H1S is a High Definition Camcorder. It has all the features that have made the XL Series a favorite of independent filmmakers, corporate and event shooters, in addition to broadcast and news markets. To complement these features, the Canon XL H1S has added an even higher level of customization options and capabilities which will make it an even more useful creative partner for the demanding professional.

Industry-standard connections and terminals along with a wider range of image control settings and options are combined with the new Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Zoom Lens III with Professional L Series Fluorite. To back up that superb lens are three 1/3" Native 16:9 CCD with 1.67M Pixels (delivering a full 1440 x 1080) and Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV II HD Image Processor. The XL H1S is the compelling choice for anyone seeking to produce the best in high definition video.

Canon XLH1S 3-CCD High Definition MiniDV Camcorder Features
Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Zoom Lens III with Professional L Series Fluorite: The Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Zoom Lens III with Professional L Series Fluorite is the latest in a long and distinguished line of industry-leading lenses from Canon
Canon interchangeable XL Lens Mount
Independent Manual Focus, Zoom and Iris Ring
Zooming: Responsive manual zoom ring with three settings (Slow, Normal, Fast)
Increased weighting of zoom ring for smoother control
Smooth zoom start and stop
Selectable rotational angle of zoom between Wide and Tele (45°, 60° or 90°)
Zoom Grip Lever has 16 zoom levels. Maximum and minimum speeds have been expanded. Handle Zoom Lever can be set to any of 3 speeds
Focusing: Manual focus capability during zoom (in both Manual Focus and AF Modes)
Selectable response on focus ring (Slow, Normal, Fast)
Focus Limit (On/Off)
Four selectable focus preset speeds
Push AF
Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer
Two built-in ND Filters (1/32, 1/6)
Three 1/3" Native 16:9 CCD with 1.67M Pixels (1440 x 1080): Building on the superior image quality of the industry-leading XL Series, the XL H1S is built around a 3 CCD system with separate native 16:9 CCDs for red, green and blue
Canon DIGIC DV II HD Image Processor: The latest generation of Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing technology, the DIGIC DV II HD Image Processor delivers the optimal image quality possible for both HD video and still images
Complete Customization: One of the hallmarks of the XL Series has been the vast range of adjustments, control functions and features to customize the camcorder to fit the user's exact needs
Image Adjustments: Gamma, Knee, Black, Master Pedestal (+/- 9 steps), Setup Level (+/- 9 steps), Sharpness (+/- 9 steps), Horizontal Detail, Horizontal/Vertical Detail Balance (+/- 9 steps), Coring (+/- 9 steps), Noise Reduction 1, Noise Reduction 2, Color Matrix, Color Gain (+/- 50 steps)
Menu Display Adjustments: Rec Programs, Camera Data 1 (f/stop and Shutter Speed), Camera Data 2 (Exposure, White Balance, Gain), Zoom, Focus, ND Filter, Image Effects, Focusing Assist (Peaking and Magnification), Customize (Custom Function and Custom Preset), Video Recording Standard
Custom Operation Functions: Shockless White Balance/Gain, AE Response, High-Speed Zoom, Focus Ring Control, Button Operation, Rings Direction, Dials Direction, Focus Priority, Still Image Recording, Marker Level (Marker Brightness), Focusing Assist, B&W Gearing Mode
SDHC Memory Card/MultiMediaCard Slot (for storing custom presets, custom functions and photos)
Sharing of XL H1S Custom Preset files with additional Canon XL H1S camcorders, as well as Canon XL H1A, XH A1 and XH G1 camcorders (XL H1 files may be shared with XL H1S, but XL H1 cannot read XL H1S files)
Program AE Modes (Auto, Full Auto, TV, AV, Manual, Spotlight, Night), with Manual Mode located next to OFF for easier access
Skin Detail
Push AE (Usable in Manual Exposure Mode)
Gain Settings (-3dB, 0dB, +3dB, + 6dB, +12dB, +18dB, +36dB, with fine tuning in 0.5dB increments from 0dB to +18dB)
AGC Limit
Iris Limit (Limits minimum iris setting to f/9.5)
Iris control using LANC (while using optional ZR-2000)
Custom Preset files
Store 9 Custom Preset files on the XL H1S
Store 20 Custom Preset files to a memory card
White Balance Auto, Set (2), Preset (outdoor/indoor), Color Temperature (2,000 K to 15,000 K)
Color corrections (16 areas, 2 regions)
Selective Noise Reduction (enables application of NR to targeted color areas)
Numbers used for Menu selection bar (EVF SETUP/Skin detail/Color correction)
Two Custom keys
Clear Scan (100 levels: 60.1 Hz - 203.9 Hz)
HD-SDI/SD-SDI Out, Genlock In, Timecode In & Out: For the professional videographer, the XL H1S gives you the capabilities you need - no matter what the job, no matter what the facilities. Multi-camera shoots are no problem using Genlock synchronization or SMPTE Time Code input and output
Industry-Standard Connection Terminals (BNC Style): HD-SDI & SD-SDI Output with embedded audio and time code
HD-SDI: Video Standard: SMPTE 292M, Embedded Audio Standard: SMPTE 299M, Time code Standard: SMPTE RP 188 (LTC)
SD-SDI: Video Standard: SMPTE 259M, Embedded Audio Standard: SMPTE 272M, Time code Standard: SMPTE RP 188 (LTC). The HD-SDI Output provides 1.485 Gbps signal at 1920x1080 resolution with 4:2:2 color sampling and embedded audio and time code
SMPTE Time Code Input & Output Terminals
Genlock Input (HD or SD reference signal synchronization in Genlock HD mode)
6-Pin IEEE 1394 terminal, providing a more rugged connection when using external devices
Component Video Out
LANC Terminal
Flash Accessory Shoe, supporting Canon EX Series Speedlites
Audio System: The audio features of the XL H1A are designed to further enhance the flexibility and level of customization you expect from a Canon XL Series camcorder
Two Built-in XLR terminals providing +48V Phantom power
3.5 mm Microphone terminal
3.5 mm Headphone terminal, with reinforced metal base
Separate sensitivity settings for each XLR input channel (Line/Mic)
Simultaneous use of the built-in microphone and XLR input
Two-step switching for line output level
Higher sensitivity for XLR line input
XLR/microphone sensitivity selection range, +12dB/+6dB/0dB/-6dB/-12dB
Audio Limiter (On/Off)
Choice of setting in automatic level control for both XLR channels for link or non-link (independent) of channels when both are set to microphone or line
1 kHz Reference Tone (-12dB, -18dB, -20dB)
LR/LL/RR/monaural selectable for monitor output
Monitoring: In order to provide a high level of information to the XL H1S user, Canon has added new monitoring features to the comprehensive list available in the XL H1S. All together, they can significantly enhance the user's control over the video footage they create
2.4" Widescreen combination EVF/LCD Monitor (215,000 Pixels): Adjustable brightness, contrast, color and sharpness as well as Black & White mode. Comfortable shooting for any operator: Viewfinder is adjustable from front to back and side to side
Aspect guides for industry-standard picture formats (4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 1.66:1, 1.75:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1)
Horizontal, Center and Grid Markers
Remaining capacity displayed when using Focus Enhancements HDD
Zebra pattern (70% -100%, selectable in 5% increments)
Focusing Aides Peaking (adjustable gain and frequency) Magnifying, which can be recorded; Magnifying function is allocated to Photo button for easy access
External monitor output, through the B/W viewfinder terminal to the component terminal of a larger monitor for manual focus confirmation.
Multi-language support (9 languages)
Custom Preset name display
SDI bitmap display
ALL display
f/stop gray display
Histogram & EXIF display
Operation: In keeping with the Canon XL Series, the XL H1S provides the level of operating convenience demanded by professional users in the field
Memory cards can be formatted in the camcorder
Color bar selection capability (two types each for NTSC & PAL)
To avoid accidental operation, the responsiveness of the buttons controlling shutter, zoom, focus, PUSH AF, AE LOCK, WB SET, AE shift dial, REC REVIEW, DE SEL, DE ON, End-Search and Gain Set can be set.
Letterbox format supported when signals are converted during playback
Default write & protect
Marker color specification
Frame grab compatibility to SD/SDHC memory card during shooting or playback (1920 x 1080)

XLH1S 3-CCD High Definition MiniDV Camcorder
Photo or Video
Lens Mount
Canon RF