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Bronica ETRSi 645 - 75mm f2.8 - 120 Medium Format

Includes: 75mm F2.8, Sekonic Light Meter, Waist Level Viewfinder



  • 75mm F2.8
  • Sekonic Light Meter
  • Waist Level Viewfinder
  • 120 Film Back
  • ETRSi Body


Want to get into Medium Format film, try it out with this beautiful Bronica.

Bronica ETRSi with a 75mm f2.8 (35mm equivalent in 35). This camera create massive 6x4.5 negatives, more than double the size of 35mm. Which means more resolution, finer grain, and more shallow DoF. No built in light meter so included in the kit is an old school Sekonic light meter. If you rent this kit I'll give you a personal walk through of all the equipment.

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Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus

Includes: Axis1 Hand Unit, HPM-1 Motor (w/ 15mm Rod Mount), Receiver (w/ 15mm Rod Mount)



  • Axis1 Hand Unit
  • HPM-1 Motor (w/ 15mm Rod Mount)
  • Receiver (w/ 15mm Rod Mount)
  • Regular 0.8 Pitch Gear
  • Extra Wide 0.8 Pitch Gear
  • 2x Motor Cables
  • 2x D-Tap Power Cables
  • Mini Light
  • 6x Cylindrical Marking Disks
  • 1x Conical Marking Disk
  • Neck Strap
  • Hard case


The Hocus Products Axis 1 is an insanely fast and responsive single axis wireless lens control system. The HPM-1 motor has no trouble pushing stiff or large lens and can easily adjust its self to pushing lightweight DSLR lenses. You really have to see how fast it is too believe it!

Automatic end stop and torque calibration, plus manual calibration option.
Full size 355 degree fluid drag focus knob, with conical or Preston rings available. Very high resolution sensor.
Intelligent automatic unit pairing prevents a second unit on the same channel adversely effecting the operation of the first unit.
Incredibly fast and responsive, with no visible latency.
User definable soft stops on the hand unit to limit the range of the lens
Hand unit runs on Canon LP-E6 lithium ion battery, about four shoot days can be expected from each charge (2 Batteries + Charger Included)
Full digital 16bit transmission
Very simple and robust system with very compact receiver unit.

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SmallHD 702 HDMI/SDI

Includes: SmallHD 702 Lite, Sunhood, D-Tap to LP-E6 Dummy Battery



  • SmallHD 702 Lite
  • Sunhood
  • D-Tap to LP-E6 Dummy Battery
  • HDMI and SDI Cables
  • LP-E6 Battery X6
  • LP-E6 Battery Charger


Well used but in great condition, screen protector has a few small scratches but the screen is pristine.

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