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Aaton LTR Super 16 16mm Camera with Two Lenses

Includes: 12-120mm zoom lens, 10-150mm zoom lens



  • 12-120mm zoom lens
  • 10-150mm zoom lens


Aaton LTR! Super desirable camera right now! This one has been so reliable - 4 features have been shot on it. Come with two magazines which both have brand new belts inside. Battery and charger as well. And two Angenieux zoom lenses. 12-120mm and 10-150mm! Outside looks worn but creates incredible pictures!!!

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Kansas seemed nice and didn't damage my camera. I wish she would've told me she'd be taking the camera on an airplane and checking the case, that way I could've packed it more securely. Perhaps it's just a difference of opinion, thankfully the camera wasn't damaged.