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I'm a producer and producer based out of Los Angeles, California. I moved to LA in 2021 after four years in Nashville, TN; where I studied film production at Belmont University and kickstarted a freelance production company with my best friend/business partner, Jacob Samuels. We primarily focused our business on music videos for independent artists in and around Nashville, but also have experience in narrative filmmaking, documentaries, and commercials.

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K3 Ultra 16mm Motion Picture Film Camera (Vintage)

Includes: Shoulder rig, Handle , Viewfinder eyepiece



  • Shoulder rig
  • Handle
  • Viewfinder eyepiece
  • Meteor-5-1 Zoom lens 1.9/17-69mm
  • Lens cap
  • Lens Hood
  • Full lens filter kit
  • Case
  • Camera strap


This K3 kit is perfect for small shoots, such as short films and music videos. It offers a vintage look reminiscent of 70s grind-house pictures, guaranteed to make your image stand out.

It has an M42 mount; a lens is included that is not only high quality but should cover all shooting needs. A full filter set is included, as well. Additionally, the handle and shoulder rig provide two different methods of handheld stability. The Ultra 16mm sensor will allow you to project a full Ultra 16mm image, crop your image to that of a Super 16mm censor, or a standard 16mm image.

This camera accepts 100ft rolls of 16mm film. This will get you around 3 minutes of filming time per roll. Film stock is not included; however, 100ft rolls of 16mm film can be found on B&H.

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Thanks for an awesome rental.



October 2022

Thanks for the rental !


Basic Grip Package

May 2022