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I'm Light-Bringer, highly experienced, award winning international Cinematographer, member of Society of Cinematographers

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Leica-R Lens Set (CineMod) 19,28,35,50,90,135 w XUME

Includes: TrekPack Storm Pelican Case, 77mm inner thread, 85mm outside diameter filter holders, 77 to 82mm step up ring



  • TrekPack Storm Pelican Case
  • 77mm inner thread, 85mm outside diameter filter holders
  • 77 to 82mm step up ring
  • 82mm XUME magnetic filter holder
  • Front and Rear Caps
  • Leitax EOS mount with a chip programed with focal lenght and smallest f-stop


EF/EOS mount Full Frame Vintage excellent Cine Leica Set

This beautiful handpicked matching set has Leitax EOS Mount with a chip! So cameras like Sony A7SII can use the info for stabilization purposes, great for handheld work. Unified width of gear ring makes changing lens a breeze. Declicked iris with a proper resistance will not close your f stop during filming. Filter thread for 77mm lens with 85mm unified outer rim for MateBoxes. Comes with XUME magnetic filter holder for 82mm filters for quick changing your ND in fast enviroment (rent separately), front and rear dust proof quick remove caps and TrekPack StormCase. Optionaly ask for gear for iris if you work from Crane, Steadicam or Movi...

19mm Elmarit f2.8
28mm Elmarit f2.8
35mm Summicron f2
50mm Summicron f2
90mm Summicron f2
135mm Elmarit f2.8

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Sony A7s II Advanced Kit

Includes: Sony A7s II, Metabones EF to E Adapter Mark IVb, Tilta A7S Cage



  • Sony A7s II
  • Metabones EF to E Adapter Mark IVb
  • Tilta A7S Cage
  • 4x 15" rods
  • 3x HandHeld Extension with Wooden Grip
  • Tilta Shoulder support with Riser
  • 90Wh Dracast Battery System
  • Pix-E5 4K ProRes 4:2:2 HQ System
  • Tilta 4x5.65 3 Filter Tray MateBox
  • Tilta FollowFocus System


Complete set for your short film, commercial or indie feature. Sony A7s II with S-Log2 or 3, internally recording 4K XAVC and Externally recording to Pix-E5 4K ProRes 4:2:2 HQ.

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