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**Brand New** Red DSMC2 Gemini 5k S35 - Ready to Shooot

Includes: Standard OLPF/V-Lock I/O Expander , Aluminum Canon EF Mount, 1 x 1TB mini mag & 2 x 240GB mini mags w/reader



  • Standard OLPF/V-Lock I/O Expander
  • Aluminum Canon EF Mount
  • 1 x 1TB mini mag & 2 x 240GB mini mags w/reader
  • DSMC2 7" TouchScreen with Wooden Camera Hood
  • DSMC2 Side Handle
  • Wooden Camera Top Plate/Top Handle & Cold Shoe
  • Sigma Art 18-35 1.8 with Variable ND
  • 4 x Hypercore Mini 98wh V-Mount Batts + 2 Channel Charger
  • Sennheiser ME-66/K6 Shotgun Mic w/dead cat and xlr to 3.5 adaptor
  • AC Adaptor
  • Sachtler Ace Tripod
  • Tenba Backpack holds everything but the tripod and is a carry-on


***Everything you need to shoot right out the box***

The side handle, the big screen, the low light. From cinematic doc to music video, to commercial, to feature... This camera has your back.

Bundling high performance raw video recording in a compact camera body, the RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 BRAIN with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor is part of the 2018 unified DSMC2 lineup and is designed to be built up the way you want, to tell your story in almost any way possible. Since the DSMC2 form factor is standard, accessories from RED and other manufacturers can be easily attached to accessorize your camera. Even though the GEMINI sensor has fewer photosites than its HELIUM and MONSTRO brethren, it has a cool trick up its sleeve. Using advanced circuitry designed for the aerospace industry, the GEMINI can switch native sensitivities. Practically speaking, it can operate in both normal and dimly lit scenarios without prematurely blown highlights or excessive noise, respectively. Nearly limitless lens options are available for the DSMC2 system. While this camera requires a separately available lens mount, DSMC lens mounts themselves are offered in different varieties for compatibility with a wide array of lens systems.

REDCODE RAW is the format of choice for DSMC2 cameras. RED's versatile raw codec uses wavelet compression to reduce data rates while maintaining a visually lossless image rendering. This efficient codec can be edited on many available NLE software programs without transcoding, though if you prefer a proxy workflow, ProRes or DNx files can be recorded simultaneously to the MINI-MAG media. Lowering the recording resolution allows the sensor to capture higher frame rates for dramatic slow-motion footage. The DSMC2 cameras use sensor windowing to record slow motion in lower resolutions, requiring wider or smaller-format lenses to compensate for the additional crop. Recording rates range from 12 fps and up, including 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps and higher.

5K GEMINI S35 Sensor
The GEMINI 5K Super 35mm sensor features dual sensitivity modes. Use Standard mode for conventional shooting scenarios. Switch to Low Light mode for increased sensitivity, but without the increased noise floor commonly found through signal manipulation.

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Easyrig Vario 5 w/STABIL

Includes: Quick Release Mount



  • Quick Release Mount


Brand new Easyrig STABIL with quick release attachment. The Easyrig Vario 5 with Standard Gimbal Rig Vest and STABIL Stabilizer is a body-worn camera stabilization system that is adjustable to support camera rigs weighing 11 to 38 lb. The system consists of a standard-size Gimbal Rig vest, a Vario 5 standard support bar, and a STABIL stabilization support arm. The system works by using a suspension line to support the weight of the camera rig, taking the load off your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles and distributing it across your torso. The tension line is adjustable by turning a screw in the back, letting you dial in the appropriate amount of tension for your rig. The STABIL arm comes with a tension spring on the camera connection to smooth the motion in your footage. As the name suggests, the Gimbal Rig vest is optimized for use with motorized gimbal stabilizers, providing increased lower back support that allows you to carry weights further away from your body. A carrying bag is also included to store and transport the system. Features 11 to 38 lb load capacity Stabilization arm for smooth motion shots Adjustable line tension for different cameras and configurations Lockable camera hook with spring Vest and waist belt made of breathable material Made in Sweden

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