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I am a freelance cinematographer. I have a passport so I shoot everywhere. I’m from Atlanta, Ga. Some of my favorite cinematographers are Theo Van Sande (Blade), Lisa Rinzler (Menace II Society), Dariuz Khondji (Seven), Darius Wolski (Dark City), Bill Pope (The Matrix), Paul Cameron (Swordfish), Robert Richardson (Casino), Jeff Crowneweth (Fight Club), Roger Deakins (Skyfall), Natasha Braier, (The Neon Demon), Ward Russell (Days of Thunder), An-Sung Tsao (Eight Diagram Pole-fighter), Rachel Morrison (Mudbone), Malik Hassan Sayeed (Clockers), Adam Holender (Fresh), Jan de Bonet (Basic Instinct), Bradford Young (Mother of George), Brandon Trost (Lords of Salem) I love music, family, experimenting with lights, and shooting & editing my memoirs.

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RED EPIC-W Camera Package

Includes: DSMC2 Base Expander, DSMC2 Gold Mount Module , DSMC2 4.7 in monitor



  • DSMC2 Base Expander
  • DSMC2 Gold Mount Module
  • DSMC2 4.7 in monitor
  • RED Mini Mag 240 GB
  • RED Mini Mag 480 GB
  • 4 x HC9 Gold Mount Batteries
  • Ignite Digi Top Plate
  • Ignite Digi Bridge Plate
  • Ignite Digi Top Handle
  • Ignite Digi Power Breakout
  • 1x Core X2 Dual Battery Charger


This package is modified for accessories use so you can run everything and minimize having to disassemble camera setups whether you are going handheld to gimbal, handheld to steadicam, gimbal to handheld, etc. as time is a major factor on set. 4 x 2Pin Lemo Ports on top plate (1 input & 3 output), 1 D-Tap & 1 Aux on Gold Mount Module, all Batteries come with D-Tap and USB ports.

Let me know your camera setup for best advice on what you will need.

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Movi Pro Package

Includes: Freefly Mimic, ignite Digi Top Plate and Breakout Box, Ignite Digi Tilt Offsets



  • Freefly Mimic
  • ignite Digi Top Plate and Breakout Box
  • Ignite Digi Tilt Offsets
  • Ignite Digi Power Adapter
  • Blackjack Firmware 2.0
  • 8 x Movi Pro Batteries
  • 4 x TB50 Batteries
  • TB50 Battery Charger
  • 3 x Movi Pro Battery Chargers
  • Cinemilled Movi Pro Plate
  • 5 x Cinemilled Counterweights
  • Cinemilled Pan Counter Mount
  • Cinemilled 30mm Ring Spindles
  • Cinemilled Swivel for Ready Rig
  • Ready-Rig
  • Ignite Digi Bridge Plate
  • Ignite Digi Quick Release Top Handle
  • Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters w/ Lemo Output


I come out as a Movi Op/Tech with this package. Send me a message for questions about rate.

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