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I've been a freelance sound man in NYC for 15 years and worked for countless clients and production teams. If you are in the Hudson Valley (New Paltz in particular) and need quality audio equipment -- stop on by. I also have a second kit.

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Full Audio 633 Kit in Hudson Valley

Includes: Lectrosonics 411 Block 26 w/ SM TX, Lectrosonic 211 Block 22 w/ 201 TX, 2 Sony Batteries



  • Lectrosonics 411 Block 26 w/ SM TX
  • Lectrosonic 211 Block 22 w/ 201 TX
  • 2 Sony Batteries
  • 4 Rechargeable 9 volts for lectros


633 kit Comes with block 26 and block 22 Lectros (one is an SM TX). Package options include: Betso TC lockit box, 2 pairs of Sennheiser G3s for hops or for mics, extra lectro wire, 416 Sennheiser boom, and more.

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Amazing dude with a great personality, and communication skillz. I felt completely comfortable handing over gear and would do it again in a sec. Thanks for the good vibes, bruh!


Sony 28-135mm FE PZ f/4

May 2017