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I'm a filmmaker/multimedia artist who has directed over 80 DSLR Official music videos for avant-garde electronic labels like Warp Records & Ed Banger Records as well as CocoRosie's imprint Voodoo-Eros. My work has been featured in a number of international media outlets such as CNN, Blackbook Magazine as well as the widely popular CSI series. I began creating art at the age of 4 playing the violin {though I preferred Nintendo}. I later left my highschool jazz ensemble to fully pursue my for passion for DJing, Film Making and electronic composition. In 1999 I wrote the worlds first book on DJ notation called "The Fundamentals" followed by the "Turntablist Transcription Methodology 1.0"; a unique calculus based notation system for electronic/dj music that has appeared in music courses around the world as well as the likes of Time, CNN and Blackbook magazine. At the turn of the millineum, I was given the honor of receiving the Qbert Legendary Award for my pioneering work. I received my Bachelor of Sciences in Information Systems at the Leonord D. Stern School of Buisness at New York University along with an Associates in liberal arts. In the audio relm, I've performed at a myriad of events from the legendary Montreaux Jazz Festival to the art nexus Deitch Projects. I've also collaborated with artists such as Tv on the Radio, Lil B the BasedGod, Mos Def, Fat Lip, Antipop Consortium and Angelbert Metoyer. In 2012, I created TTM Academy, a free online Turntablism school that teaches mathematics, phyiscs and history as it relates to modern music and film scratching. As actor, I've appeared in a number of Hollywood movies like Black Swan to Men & Black 3. My work is based on the intersection between Audio-Visual Art, Science and Mathematics in the tradition of composer-philosopher Anthony Braxton, composer-artist Karlheinz Stockhausen and historian-polymath Athanasius Kircher. I was born into electronic music culture having a Native American paternal Grandfather who owned a record shop selling jukeboxes & a maternal Choctaw preacher Grandfather who digitally amplified his voice over electric organs every Sunday . Despite being classically trained in the violin at age 4, 80's Video games and Battle DJ culture had the greatest impact on my early artistc growth. As a painter Im most heavily influenced by draftsmanship of Surrealism & Art Nouveau. More recently I've gravitated towards mechanically assisted movements such as Light Painting, Op and Pop to take my visions into new dimensions. My literary writings on historical music notations have led me to borrow a great deal from the works of the ancient monastic and gnostic traditions worldwide.

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