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The Cello 10-inch multicolor LED light features a highly accurate and remarkably versatile RGBW LED panel. The light is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 LE that pairs with your tablet or smartphone when you

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Average 4.8 Stars

A pleasure to deal with. Hope to see you again soon.

Dolly works perfect! Very Nice and friendly! Highly recommend!

Great guy, stayed in touch throughout. Look forward to renting to him again!

Great rental, easy to work with!

Great rental! I'm definitely going to be a repeat renter.

Second time renting! Great rental.

Third time renting! Very easy to communicate with, great rental.

No problems. I recommend!

November 2017

Great communication for pickup. Was able to meet me at the specific time I requested and even let me use his lens bag.

Small elastic strap on Serene arm came back broken and held together with tape. Renter did not bother to tell me. Item isn't expensive. But renter knew I had it going out on another job ian hour after his return and did not say anything about it. Luckily, I was able to rig a solution. Either way, whether he used it or not, you can't miss the duct tape he or his assistant used to hold it together. Not cool at all. Also, gear was meant to return in the morning. DIdn't get item back until late afternoon.

Everything went smoothly, will rent to Lazarus again.

Renter was communicative, pickup and drop-off was easy.

Great set and lovely rental! Highly recommended !

Renting to Lazarus was great! He is a pleasure to deal with, has great communication, took great care of the equipment, picked up and dropped off on time. Highly recommend!

Easy pick up, drop-off, and communication - camera was great. Thank you

Awesome equipment! Lazaridis made pick up and drop off super easy! Highly recommended.

Easy to work with!

GoPro HERO7 Black

July 2023


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Equipment Replacement Value: $370

The Cello 10-inch multicolor LED light features a highly accurate and remarkably versatile RGBW LED panel. The light is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 LE that pairs with your tablet or smartphone when you open Luxli’s Composer mobile app. Whether controlled via the app or the intuitive interface on the unit itself, the Cello will illuminate your creative vision with endless possibility.

The Cello’s color adjustment modes are accessible from the onboard control panel or via the Composer app. The color wheel feature will illuminate your subject with any hue of light you can imagine, and the eye dropper app feature will match any color on a video or photo. The new gel filter mode is like applying a filter to the front of your Cello. You can select between 150 gels, and the Cello calculates the correct color as you adjust the base color temperature.

For all its power and innovative technology, the lightweight, 10-inch Cello is camera mountable and can be transported anywhere.

Accurate and Versatile RGBW LED Panel
The highly accurate and incredibly versatile RGBW LED panel opens up a whole new range of creative possibilities. CCT (correlated color temperature) mode is perfect for setting traditional lighting temperatures from 3000 to 10,000 K, and the expansive RGB mode is ideal for producing nearly every hue of the visible spectrum.
Bluetooth Control with the Composer Mobile App
Using the powerful Composer mobile app via Bluetooth, you can connect all of your Luxli Orchestra lights. Whether you're controlling your lights in unison or individually, you'll have a whole orchestra of lights at your command.

Intuitive On-Unit Interface with LCD Display
The built-in LCD display offers a simple and intuitive interface that you'll pick up immediately. Easily adjust brightness and color, and switch between the RGB, gel filter, and CCT mode with the touch of a button.
RGB Color Mode
One of the great innovations of the Luxli Orchestra family of lights is the color wheel mode—you can dial up almost any color. Scroll through the entire color spectrum in 1° increments.
CCT Mode
The traditional correlated color temperature (CCT) mode allows you to accurately adjust your color temperature from the 3000 to 10,000 K in 50 K increments. This lets you emulate any lighting condition from the cool hues of bright sunlight to the warmth of a tungsten bulb.
Gel Filter Mode
The gel filter mode is one of the new and innovative modes introduced with the Cello. Set your white balance and then select between 150 colored gels. The Cello displays the color, taking your CCT temperature setting into account. It's as realistic as if you're putting a gel in front of the actual light.
Bicolor Phosphor LED
Another innovation introduced in the Cello is that the LED array comprises two types of LEDs. The composite of their color temperatures furnishes superb color accuracy throughout the white color spectrum.
Precise Color Rendering
You won't need to spend your time at the computer, color correcting your shots. With a TLCI rating of over 97 and a CRI rating of over 95, the Cello's color output is extremely accurate.
Composer App
The Composer mobile app is a game-changing tool for creative lighting. Install it on your mobile device, and explore incredible lighting effects. Illuminate your subject with any hue of light you can imagine. Create customized lighting animation effects. Use the eyedropper feature to match any color on an image or a video. Combine multiple Luxli Orchestra units, and conduct a whole symphony of light.