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Bronica S2A medium format package

Includes: 75mm f2.8 Nikkor P lens, 50mm f2.8 Nikkor O lens, 150mm f3.5 Komura lens



  • 75mm f2.8 Nikkor P lens
  • 50mm f2.8 Nikkor O lens
  • 150mm f3.5 Komura lens
  • 135mm f3.5 Nikkor O lens
  • 2x 120/220 film backs
  • Misc. lens hoods and filters
  • Hard case with Bronica logo so you can look cool


Beautiful Bronica 6x6cm medium format camera with excellent lenses.

Similar to Hasselblad in form, Nikkor lenses are incredibly sharp.

Price is for the full kit, if you want to rent less items, we can negotiate a good price.

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Mamiya RB67 package

Includes: 90mm f3.8 Sekor C lens ( = 45mm "normal" lens for 35mm cameras), 180mm f4.5 Sekor C lens ( = 85mm "portrait" lens for 35mm cameras), 3x 120 film backs



  • 90mm f3.8 Sekor C lens ( = 45mm "normal" lens for 35mm cameras)
  • 180mm f4.5 Sekor C lens ( = 85mm "portrait" lens for 35mm cameras)
  • 3x 120 film backs
  • 2x 220 film backs
  • NPC Polaroid film back model mf-3
  • Waist-level finder and prism finder
  • Extension tube no.1 = 45mm extension
  • Extension tube no.2 = 82mm extension
  • Left-handed grip
  • Cable release
  • Bellows lens hood
  • Many filters
  • Large Tamrac Camera bag


Mamiya RB67 ProS in excellent condition for rent with many accessories and bag.

Body and lenses are in like-new condition, accessories range from like-new to slightly worn.

Great setup for MF film studio portrait photography.

Not compatible with digital backs.

Price is for the whole package, if you want to only rent some of the items, we can negotiate a fair price.

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per day

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Very communicative and easy to work with. Had an amazing time shooting with Sage's equipment, very much worth it. Everything was in pristine condition. Thank you!


Mamiya RB67 package

July 2021