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UPDATED INSURANCE VALUES - DECEMBER 2018 DAMAGE & THEFT INSURANCE REQUIRED ON ALL RENTALS - NO EXCEPTIONS Founded in 2017, Spartan Cinema’s goal is to produce personal film content, and provide other filmmakers with the tools to create their own. Our rental philosophy hinges on being informed. The more you know, the more you can be prepared to tackle the inevitable obstacles of filmmaking. Browsing Kitsplit will show you that online rentals come in all shapes and sizes. We design our listings with great care and have spent a lot of effort to create packages that are intuitively put together and allow for customization for specific needs. The bottom line is, please read the listings prior to booking and if you are unsure if the equipment is suitable, please contact us for friendly advice or forward our listing to a member of your camera department. _____ As rental prices are kept at competitive rates, we request that pick-ups and drop-offs be made at our location in Beverly Grove. Please return equipment before noon on the return day. Manage your time wisely so you can return equipment on time. We can also receive gear the night of your shoot day (the evening before your return day) or very early in the morning on your return day if it is easier for you. We appreciate those with good communication skills! Rentals are by APPOINTMENT ONLY, so please coordinate with us on the time that you would like to pick up and drop off equipment. Please make an effort to not be late. Let us know when you are heading our way and send your Waze or Google Map estimate. Please do not show up unannounced. EQUIPMENT IS AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP AFTER 1:00PM, unless you have coordinated an early pick-up with us in advance. EQUIPMENT IS DUE BACK BY 12:00PM (NOON) on your return day. Late returns are subject to a late fee. Please do not notify us you are running an hour late after you have already missed your arrival time. IMPORTANT: Damage & Theft Insurance required on all rentals, no exceptions. Delivery: Our delivery rates are not budget rates. Equipment prices are very competitive, but we deliver in a large SUV so please adjust your expectations accordingly. Stay tuned for better delivery options in the near future. Parking: Our location is currently out of a private apartment building on a street that has permit restrictions on one side. Please avoid parking illegally or in our neighbor’s driveways. We understand it’s not an ideal set-up, but we will walk the equipment to your vehicle if you need to park down the street or around the corner, just let us know. We want to be respectful of our neighbors as we find a location more suitable to our customers and the online rental experience. Please be punctual. If you are running late, send us a text message or call to let us know. Being late affects our ability to schedule and support other renters and projects. Pick-up and drop off days are not shooting days. We will consider morning pick-ups for equipment on special request only. Be prepared to tell us why you need the equipment early. Equipment pick-ups are after 1:00PM. Thank you for understanding. Let's make some movies! _____ Five films Last watched: Murder Rock (Code Red) The Princess Bride (Criterion) Out of the Past (Warner Archives) Ronin (Arrow Films) Harold and Maude (Criterion) Five favorite films: Blade Runner Rear Window Stalker Harakiri The Seventh Seal What are yours?

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Worked perfectly! Always great gear.

The gear was in great condition and worked perfectly. Tommy was a joy to chat with and super helpful with the rental. I'd rent from him again in heartbeat.

Great working with Tommy! Will rent from again as he was able to deliver and pickup with short notice. Lifesaver!!

Worked out well for us!


February 2019

Tom was amazing! He was reliable and the pickups and drop offs were very smooth. Would definitely rent from Spartan Cinema again.

Spartan Cinema were great to work with and the equipment was of the best quality. Thank you for being amazing!

This piece of equipment worked excellent and was a must have on set. Spartan did a great job making it available!


Tilta Nucleus-M + 3x Motors #2

August 2018

It was a great experience renting from Spartan. The gear was in excellent condition and worked like a charm. Communication was on point and pick-up and drop-off was easy. Great service!!


Ready Rig GS + Pro Arms #1

August 2018

Very simple rental with a wonderful guy - everything was smooth and in working order. Tommy, thanks for being so easy to work with! Would definitely rent again.


February 2018

Super helpful.. Even let me pick up late at night!

Great guy! Super helpful.