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Charles is great. Has great equipment and is easy to arrange pickup / drop off.

Easy to use and worked as described. Charles was prompt with his communication and flexible with meeting. Will rent again in the future!!

A++++ renter


February 2018


1 person recommends Charles.

Charles is the most knowledgeable, most capable, and easily the most gifted filmmaker I've ever known. He understands the grammar of cinema and the process of physical production in nuanced, comprehensive ways that reveal his abundance of experience working on films, both on- and off-set. But wait...there's more! Charles is also an authentic expert when it comes to every imaginable facet of the post-production workflow. And on top of all of that professional prowess and achievement, Charles is a wonderful human being who brings reliably positive energy to set, is a bottomless well of creative, innovative ideas, and who - despite his all-around and instantly-apparent awesomeness - somehow does not have the attendant ego one might presume he would. Dear reader, please know that I won't begrudge you if you've started to grow suspicious of all this praise I'm heaping on Charles Haine; if I read similarly fawning things about somebody I didn't know, I would be, to put it mildly, a bit skeptical, too. But if you're considering working with Charles - renting or lending him gear - I say go for it. You'll recognize very quickly that he's the real deal, and that not one word of what I've written above is exaggerated. I'm forever grateful that I met and made friends with Charles 15 or so years ago in film school, even if he did absolutely pillory my first film in that class (I had it was an arrogant mess of a project). I couldn't recommend anybody more emphatically than I recommend Charles for, well, basically anything.

February 2018