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We are a Brooklyn-based production company based in Greenpoint.

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Rhino Carbon Slider 48″

November 2019

Great renters, good communication, timely pickups and returns, thanks!


January 2019

Great communication and prompt pickups and returns, thank you for the rental!


December 2018

Great to work with.


Matthews Car Mount Kit

July 2017

NB content took great care of the equipment they rented. However they seemed a little disorganized. I received text messages from them at 2:30 in the morning concerning this rental.

They were two hours late in returning the gear and didn't notify me about it until 10 mins before the lenses were due. Theoretically they should have known about this earlier in the day. They then promised to have it back by 12pm. When 12pm came I texted the producer that I had to leave and didn't get an answer so I left my house. I missed the PA who had arrived 10 minutes later. Not to mention their offices are a 10 minute walk from my house. If it were a priority to get the equipment back on time, arrangements could have been made. Instead there seemed to be an expectation that I wait for them indefinitely. I actually turned down a rental the night before for the next day (which they were aware of) because I didn't want someone else who was expecting gear ready at 10 to have to wait if something went wrong.

That said they are an established company and do great work. Maybe it was just a first time producer or coordinator...

Great rental, easy

Smooth rental despite some minor damage to the gear. Lily was very understanding and helpful in ordering and paying for the necessary replacement parts.


Ready Rig GS

May 2017

Great renters! Punctual and equipment returned exactly as lent. Hope to work together again.

Very professional guys. Would gladly rent to these guys again.

Great renter!


May 2017

Great communication, drop offs, respect - great overall. Would love to rent to NBcontent again soon.


April 2017

Great experience, NB were very easy to work with.

Great experience!


Rhino Carbon Slider 48″

February 2017

Pickup and drop off was on time and gear came back well maintained. Good client to rent to.



November 2016