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Geissbühler Associates, LLC Luke Geissbühler has been the cinematographer on everything from Borat to The Muppets, OK Go to Helvetica to Patrick Stewart's powerful dramatic performance in Match. He and his son even sent a camera to space to photograph the curvature of the Earth in a homemade capsule just for the fun of it. Over 20 very active years of production, Mr. Geissbuhler has been called upon to shoot features, commercials and documentaries all over the world for the likes of Katherine Bigelow, Jay Roach, Adam McKay, Barry Levinson, Barbara Kopple, Doug Liman, OK Go, Warner Brothers, Lego, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Sony Pictures in addition to commercial clients like Samsung, Dominos, Captain Morgan, Nike, Victoria's Secret and many others. Luke has recently been awarded an Oscar nomination for best live action short as the Producer and Cinematographer on the film Time Freak.

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